Case study – Medical Travel Czech data connection


About Medical Travel Czech:

Medical Tourism agency is the leading medical tourism agency located in Prague in Czech Republic providing medical services for assisted reproduction, plastic surgery, weight loss and stem cell therapy.



Determine which leads are turning into conversions and be able to manage online marketing budgets better.



The connection of the data we know from CRM with Google Analytics data and with the online marketing costs in such detail, that we will be able to manage campaigns and ad groups of AdWords.


The Story:

The Medical Travel Czech is bringing patients from different countries to Czech Republic. They have spent on Google AdWords a lot of money but it was difficult to tell which leads from which campaigns were the best and which campaigns should be supported and which not. There is a lot of campaigns in different languages for different procedures. There are even campaigns in different languages for different countries. We were not sure if is better e.g. for Norway to have a located landing page with the most important information or if we can target the people in Norway using English language and English landing page.

At the beginning we have tried to use only leads and count the probability of these leads to become conversions, but the journey from a first contact (chat, call, form) to an actual procedure is a long one – at least 3 month and the campaigns are seasonal. So this approach did not work.

We had a long discussions with the client and came up with an added report to the clients CRM. In this CRM we combine data from AdWords and other online marketing channels and we are showing the whole stages of the contacts see picture bellow. The report combine with CRM there is even a possibility to see the communication with the customer and connect it to the campaign and ad groups.

This knowledge helped us a lot resulting in better understanding of the campaigns efficiency. We are at the beginning of gathering the information and the data will take a long time, but even at the start it had opened our eyes and we now know which campaigns to support and which are a waste of money.